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VMC Productions has done it again and brought to you one among its best herb grinders and paired it with amazing colorful incense spoon. The 50mm 4 part herb grinder is able to grind the most productive greens you might have as a way to get the finest burn. With 4 parts including a pollen catcher, you are prepared to grind any herbs and greens, it’s also very portable-fits in your pocket. Not only are you getting a great grinder but we’ve got paired it with our best color and design incense spoons. These spoons come in vibrant colors and vary in sizes (3″-4″). The glass is thick and it also very portable. This pair is able to do the job.
50mm 4 part Herb silver grinder is able to grind any dry herbs. Produced from silver Aluminum for long lasting and great appeal.
The grinder comes in 4 parts, which includes steel mesh screen filter to catch the fine pollen. Sharp diamond cutting teeth makes it easy so that you can grind the most productive fine dry herbs.
Poly ring helps the grinder rotate very smoothly and easy without breaking sweet, top layer closes with magnet to insure freshness and closure. Silver finish makes the grinder more appealing and gender neutral.
Comes with a 3 inch incense spoon

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